4 Secrets to Increase the Usability of your Mobile Website at the Drop of the Hat

People have started using Internet through smartphones more often than sitting at one place with computers. The trend has been set of going Mobile these days. With the advancement in technology, mobile phones have taken the place of computers. Be it accessing emails or watching movies, people have started doing it over their mobile phones instead of victimizing their laptops or computers. Every website has been modified and optimized to be good mobile friendly apps. The usability is what that matters the foremost once it involves a mobile web site. Enhancing the usability of your mobile web site can assist you to reap great profits out of your on-line business. Here are 4 secrets to extend the usability of your website on mobile devices.

Keep it Simple

You can never draw a conclusion on the type of users who are going to be accessing your web site over phone. It's necessary to stay your mobile designs terribly easy. Mobile friendly websites must be properly planned and valued to match and please each an everyone be it a small kid playing video game in smartphone or a computer geek. The usability and accessibility are two major factors for a good mobile website. There are many things that we do to enhance the usability of your web site like keeping navigation easy, avoiding unwanted pop-ups, limiting menu items, giving a significant title for menu thing etc. You can also provide a help tool that will guide your customers on using your website over mobile devices. Using a single column layout design for your website is also another great way to simplify the usability of your website. The naive user could mire on seeing the pop-up and easily shut your web site. So, it's extremely necessary to keep our web site simpler and easily accessible.


Keep Graphics to the Minimum

Any website with disorderly organized images may take a longer time to load. So we have to, keep your graphics to lowest even though we have got a customary web site with too many graphics, we need to ensure to give mobile users with an alternate web site with lesser graphics, however similar options. This way, it'll be easier for users to access web sites over phone even when the mobile speed is extremely slow. Otherwise there will be problems in transfer. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all the images on your web site. We can have pictures on web site, however by keeping it freed from animations and videos.


Use Vibrant Colors

Color Combination plays a key vital role in the usability of mobile websites. A website with dull colors might sound boring to the users. If you want to highlight a product or service, then you can grab the attention of the customers by highlighting it with bright and vibrant colors. Believe it or not, using the right set of colors can keep the users tied to your mobile website. You don’t have to squeeze your brain out to decide on the right colors. Rather, you could simply observe other popular mobile websites to get a hang of the best possible color combinations for your mobile website.

Test your Website

No matter what changes or enhancements you carry out on your website, make sure to test it on a cellular network before implementation. Figure out the time taken by the network to launch your website. If it takes too long to load, then it is time to go back and redesign your website. Also, put yourself in user’s shoes and test the mobile website in the user’s perspective. If there are errors and page display issues, fix it right away. A series of tests is important to make your mobile website a success. Putting these four tips into action can hold a good place on the mobile world for any successful mobile software development company.


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