Will Windows Phone 8 make it ?

The share of Windows Phone 8 is about 2% compared to Android which is the leader at 52% market share followed by iOS at 35% . New languages are getting added to Windows Phone 8 by Microsoft at a brisk pace. The number of supported languages stands at 50 now. The virtual keyboard is also localized for all 50 WP8 languages. The variants depend on the territory. For e.g., the English keyboard is different if you use the US version compared to the UK keyboard. Unlike WP7 which supports 6, WP8 now supports 15 languages for its voice recognition feature. With simple languages, for the phone to display interfaces and menus, adding is quiet straightforward. However, for the complex language the effort lies in achieving a quality translation. Some even require engineering work to be done in the operating system itself. The most challenging languages to handle are the ones which flow from right to left & to handle it in an appropriate manner, the engineers have used an approach which they have termed as mirroring.


While issues like lack of apps, disappointing multi-tasking and poor notification system kept Windows Phone from reaching feature parity with iOS and Android, the first of the reasons seems to be a bane for Windows Phone 8 .Microsoft has invested untold millions into their PR push for WP8. Needless to say people, even if they have not purchased one yet, easily recognize these devices & are aware and consider it to be a third alternative beyond iOS & android. Realizing the fact that there needs to be some effort put in to increase the number of apps made available to the users, Microsoft has its full staff on-hand throughout the holiday period so that developers can keep submitting their apps. This has been done to maintain the certification processing turnaround times. They have announced that since its launch, in late Oct 2012, there has been a steady 40% increase in app submission.


There are several features which Microsoft has added which has helped in the traction it has started gaining with WP 8 . Sharing the core components across Windows 8, Windows RT, and WP 8 has resulted in giving users a consistent experience & allowed developers to write code once & use it on multiple platforms. This also enables hardware manufactures get products to the market much faster. The Windows phone app development kit has brought in a lot of developer interest in the platform. The user interface design also seems excellent. The use of tiles, clean fonts, the extensive choice of colors & the prerogative it offers the users to make the home page tailored to one’s own requirement seems to have created quite a positive impact in the minds of people. Microsoft understands it quite well that to become a strong contender & to be looked upon as a valid alternative for the users, the app numbers have to go up. In order to encourage more developer participation, the rewards being offered are better than the competitors .

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